There is no question that Nollywood has started to grow bigger and stronger in the last 3 years. This is the name that has been given to productions that come from Africa and mainly from Nigeria, which is without a doubt the country that is producing the largest amount of movies in the continent. There is very little financing for most of the movies that are produced in the region, but they make sure that they can come up with the best possible productions for the little cash that they have available for each of them.

In this case we are going to be talking about a movie that seems to be a perfect example of what Nollywood is all about. The movie is called Heart of Love and it’s a very inspiring story about two brothers who go through a journey that will give the audience lessons on love, hate, perseverance and fate. The production of the movie is something that can be seen as lower than B movie standards in America. The cameras for filming are sometimes quite cheap and the lighting and general settings for the movies look quite rough and amateur, but the Nigerian films are not becoming popular because of their production value. They are gaining attention due to their engaging stories,which in many cases have very deep lessons and messages.


The script to Heart of Love is definitely worthy of being used for a mainstream film in the US or Europe. There are some actors ad directors in Nollywood that are already gaining attention from American producers, but the real stars of the show for Nollywood at the moment seem to be the scripts they are creating. Some of them are terrible and cheesy, but others are extremely insightful and properly written. That is the case with Heart of Love.

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The acting in the movie is subpar and the editing could be way better even with the resources that they have, but you can see that there is a lot of potential in their movies and the raw talent for producing films is definitely there. This is the kind of Nigerian film that is worth watching if you are a fan of film in general. There is no need for anyone to forget the importance of being able to appreciate films that have low budgets and provide very little in terms of production value. The essence of these films is in the message that they provide with their stories and in that sense Nigerian films seem to have even more content to offer that most of the blockbuster films that we see in Hollywood today.


Another thing that is worth mentioning about Nollywood films is that they do create original soundtracks that are made entirely for the movies they create. Perhaps it as a lot to do with the lack of funds to get rights to use popular western music, or they simply want to remain 100% original in their creations, but the Heart of Love and many other Nigerian movies work very hard to maintain a level of independence that is truly outstanding.

The industry is actually generating plenty of work for a lot of people in the area and this is a great achievement in itself. We hope to see many new and amazing productions coming out of this region of the world and hopefully one day they will get the attention they deserve for their efforts. You can find more great entertainment when you stream movies and TV with one of theĀ 2015 AT&T U-verse Internet Plans.

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